Principal Message

Dr. S.P.Manicka Vasugi

M.Com., M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.,


In the beginning of the 21th century a revolution is taking place in education. It is becoming an internationally traded commodity. Because of internet, Educational providers are increasing in large numbers. Global providers are setting satellite computers across the globe. Now education is becoming part WTO and GATs. In this race, ethical and moral values have taken back seat. This has defeated the basic purpose of education. Further under liberalization, privatization and globalization (LGP) conditions, the demand will be for quality only. A prospective student may look into this aspect of quality and competent education suitable for today’s society.

“ Not gold but only teacher can make

A people great and strong

Men who for truth and honor’s sake

Stand fast and safer long

It is they who build a nation’s pillars deep

And lift them to sky ”.

All educational philosophers speaks that ultimate aim of educational is self-realization. There is no exception for this in the different value systems of different countries. But how far our systems of educational all over the world achieved this ultimate aim is the debatable topic before the mankind. But the present day need is something new that is self-transformation to suit the divergent needs of the society. Such a self-transformation is an approach to self-integration which serves as a foundation for effective Man-Making Education. It is an indispensable basis for long term inter-personal, societal and Global peace as well as necessary for Man-Making Education.

The Principal is the Chief Operating Officer who is assisted by several agencies like the Academic Council, Heads of Departments, and several support systems like Counseling Cell, Placement Officer, Grievance Redressal Cell, Anti-Ragging Cell, Women Welfare Cell, New Revolution, Nature Club, NSS, YRC, LEO, Rotract, Blood Donation Club etc.

Principal is Janus faced because he is the voice of the Management to the staff and students and also the spokesman of staff and students to the Management. The success of Annai College of Arts and Science owes a great deal to the dynamism of the Principal who translates the Vision of the Management into concrete programmes and co-ordinates them towards the realization of the vision of the Management.